A Christian girl flew to UAE, converted to islam and married a Muslim friend.

Demos Foundation    11-Oct-2019
Date: 3 Oct 2019
As reported by Gulf News, A 19-year-old Christian woman Ciyani Benny, who fled to Abu Dhabi and embraced Islam to marry with Muslim man who becomes a friend on social media about nine months ago.

her parents filed a missing report alongside a police complaint in Delhi saying that their daughter has been kidnapped while her college mates petitioned the Chief Justice of India stating: "an Indian national has been abducted by forces that have been creating havoc around the world."
As per media report, Benny attended classes until 11 am on September 18. However, the same afternoon, she took a 2.45 pm GoAir flight to Abu Dhabi to get married to a Muslim man. Her parents, originally from Kozhikode in Kerala, said they fear their daughter is a victim of Love Jihad and could have been misled/cheated/brainwashed/abducted and led astray with very nefarious designs like joining an outfit such as Islamic State (IS) or being used as a slave.
Benny has strongly refuted these allegations. On Saturday, she issued a statement saying that she embraced Islam in Abu Dhabi Court on September 24 of her own free will.
Though she reacted against her parents on abduction and ISIS joining, it has been seen that, In the last two months, more than 50 Christian girls in Kerala fled to Islamic countries and embraced Islam. The Kerala Catholic bishop’s council, the apex body that controls the catholic community in the state expressed its anguish and displeasure over the inaction and lethargy shown by the Kerala police towards the complaint filed by the parents of the victims.
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