Andhra Pradesh CM Reddy to give plots to Imams working in Mosque

Demos Foundation    11-Oct-2019
Date: 10 Oct 2019
According to ANI news, Andhra Pradesh government is currently planning to provide house plots only to Imams working in mosques. Imam is the person who leads prayers in a mosque. The houses are only for those Imams with white ration cards.
"The Andhra Pradesh State Waqf Board has written to all the lesser income masjids to avail the scheme. The Imams who want to get a housing plot should apply with their Aadhar card and ration card," Syed Shabbar Basha, CEO of Andhra Pradesh State Waqf Board said.
"The scheme is for Imams who don't have a house. They can submit their application to village volunteers, panchayat or ward secretaries," he added.
"In our state, the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy introduces a scheme named 'House plot to the Imams'. This scheme is very beneficial for the Imams working in the income less mosque and the Imams should be of Andhra Pradesh to avail this scheme," Abdul Khuddus, Accounts Officer of AP State Wakf Board told ANI.
Under this state housing scheme, over 5000 imams of lesser income Mosque across the state will get the benefit.
According to the media reports, This welfare scheme is not proposed for the non-Islamic institutions like the priest of Temple, Churches which are having less income.
The application for this housing scheme will be submitted through the volunteer's or Panchayat secretaries to inspectors address and it will be forwarded to the related administration department.