Ignoring slaughter of animals on Islamic feast Bakri Eid, HC of Tripura banned goat sacrifice at the Tripureswari Hindu temple.

Demos Foundation    11-Oct-2019
Date: 1 Oct 2019
A 500-year-old tradition of sacrificing the goat every day at Mata Tripureswari temple was completely banned by the High Court of Tripura.
The High Court ordered followed by the PIL petition on the ban on animal sacrifice in Hindu temples by the advocate Subhash Bhattacharjee.
The State Government had cited the terms and conditions of the merger agreement with the Indian dominion which prescribed that the government would worship Mata Tripureswari and other temples in the traditional way. “Since such practice (animal sacrifice) was followed prior to independence, from the regime of the maharaja, and domestic animal sacrifice is an integral part of the worship, it is still continued and cannot be stopped,” it has agreed.
The State had also faulted the PIL for “not laid any challenge to the practice of animal sacrifice by the Muslim community during the festival of Bakri Eid”. The state had alleged that the petition was meant only to hurt Hindu sentiment and presumably by politically motivated anti-Hindu elements with a view to disturb public order.
In its 72-page judgment, a bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Arindam Lodh said, “The role of government in regular activities of Tripureswari temple as other temples is limited, and aiding the temple with funds to sacrifice one goat each day from government money does not fall within the ambit of secular activity as provided under Article 25(2)(a) of the Constitution.
After the judgement, the protesters reacted over the ignoring of huge slaughtering of animals on Islamic festival Bakri Eid by High Court of Tripura. The protesters say that “the judgement should be ordered irrespective of religion. Only the animals who slaughtered at Hindu temple have the right to live and not have the same right if slaughtered on Bakri Eid? Why the high court taking bias decision though the constitution is one for all religion in India”.