Islamic clerics target Nusrat Jahan for participating in Durga Puja.

Demos Foundation    11-Oct-2019
Date: 7 Oct 2019
Kolkata: Bengali movie actress and TMC MP from West Bengal Nusrat Jahan have been targeted by Islamic clerics after she participated in a Durga Puja festival at a pandal in South Kolkata.
On Sunday, the Ashtami part of the 9-day Durga Pujo festival, Nusrat along with her husband Jain offered her first Anjali to goddess Durga. She visited the pandal wearing a red saree with golden border and a yellow blouse. The first-time MP was also seen wearing heavy ornaments in gold.
She shared an image of her celebration on Instagram. A video also surfaced online where Nusrat could be seen dancing to the tunes of dhak (musical instrument associated with Durga Puja and other Hindu festivals) which was being played by her Hindu businessman husband Nikhil.
Mufti Asad Qasmi, a cleric associated with Darul Uloom Deoband, told TV news channels that, “Nusrat Jahan offering prayers is nothing new. She has offered prayers in the past as well. Even this time, she has offered prayers to Durga. But Islam says that besides Allah, offering prayers to anyone else, paying obeisance before anyone else is not allowed, it is 'Haraam'. She has done a forbidden act. She should absolutely change her name. Because she doesn't follow Islam anymore now. She has been taking part in rituals and she married someone from another religion. So she should change her name. Islam doesn't need people who have a Muslim name and go on to defame both Islam and Muslims”.
Nusrat Jahan has been targeted a number of times since she got married to Nikhil Jain in June this year. First, she was first attacked for marrying a non-Muslim. Then, when Nusrat walked into the Parliament to take oath as an MP while wearing sindoor and bangles, this also triggered a huge row. Clerics had then attacked for following 'Un-Islamic' practices.
Speaking to media at the event, the TMC MP Nusrat Jahan asserted that she will not entertain any controversy over her celebrating the festival of Durga Puja. She further maintained that she will continue to follow her own path when it comes to religion.