Kerala politics quiet on "Love Jihad", but we can not be, says Kerala Catholic Bishops Council.

indiafaith    21-Jan-2020
Kerala Catholics Bishop Council (KCBC) deputy general secretary Varghese Vallikkat told The New Indian Express that, though the Kerala Government and other secular parties are quiet on "Love Jihad", but we can not be silent. Secular political parties should at least accept that "Love Jihad" existed in Kerala.
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According to media reports, "Love jihad should not be viewed only from the love angle but addressed at a broader level. This is not to target any particular community. Secular political parties should at least accept that love jihad exists here. A small group of people in the state is continuously getting radicalised, and it has its links to international and global Islam. It varies in names, but people and leadership of these groups are almost the same," said Fr Vallikkat.
By referring the investigations and reports given to the Kerala Government by CBI and Special Intelligence Bureau, he told media that no secular parties, leaders, activists are ready to discuss the issue in public domain.
"It is a major problem we have been facing for many years, but secular political parties in Kerala are not interested in discussing these issues. It is part of their politics. Every death and killing that happens in the state is side-lined as an "isolated" incident," said Fr Vallikkat.
"A series of killings have taken place, and yet no mainstream party in the State has addressed the issue. There have been reports that the radical groups were involved in the killings and the Government has all the details," said Fr Vallikkat.
"Even today we received phone calls from worried Christian parents seeking help and counselling for their daughters," he said. "It is not about getting married to someone from another religion. In these cases, we do not see them living happily after the marriage," said Fr Vallikkat.
"We have been monitoring the issues. The police themselves have revealed in many cases that girls have gone missing after marriage or they have joined the Islamic State (IS) and were being used as sex slaves. That means it was not love. Love has been used as a weapon," he said.
Some Islamic organisations and Muslim leaders criticised the statements of KCBC that non-Muslim girls are victims of love jihad.
According to Fr Vallikkat allegations, The Kerala Congress and CPI parties are quiet because of vote bank politics.
Fr Vallikkat alleged that Kerala's ruling party, Communist Party of India (CPI) and Kerala's second-largest party Indian National Congress (INC) silent on this social issue because of the vote bank. After the Hindus, Muslim with 26% population second-largest community residing in Kerala. Christians are still 19%.