Muslim mob attacks women mistakenly but let off only when they recite Verses of Quran

indiafaith    23-Jan-2020
The Muslim mob attacked the two women by considering them as Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) surveyors, Times of India reported.

women attacked by muslims 
The incident took place in Rajasthan and West Bengal. In Rajasthan's Kota, Nazeeran Bano was attacked by a mob when she was surveying on behalf of the National Economic Census department to collect data for the National Economics Census 2019-20 in Brijdham area. Bano was able to escape only after she could successfully convince the mob that she was also Muslim.
To convince the attackers on her Muslim identity, she showed them an "Ayat Al-Kursi (The Throne Verse) card" from her wallet, which helped her calm down the mob, the SHO informed. The police arrested one person from the crowd in the matter.
"I explained them that the data collected was related to the economic census and had been uploaded on the portal and that there was nothing wrong in it. But they were not convinced and started misbehaving with me," she said.
The same incident took place in West Bengal's Birbhum. A Twenty-year-old woman, Chumki Khatun, working for Google India and Tata Trusts' digital literacy initiative for rural women, 'Internet Saathi' was attacked by the locals who accused her of collecting data for the NRC.
According to media reports, she told that she tried to explain the mob regarding the purpose of the survey, but the mob was not convinced.