A minor Muslim boy, who was seeking admission to a madrasa, files a complaint against a Muslim leader, who is associated with Jama Masjid

indiafaith    24-Jan-2020
Against the complaint by a 17-year-old boy, The Sakinaka police have booked senior Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) leader and member of the advisory council of Jama Masjid, Dr Abdul Rehman Anjaria under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, Mumbai Mirror reported.

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The victim had come in contact as the survivor was seeking admission into a local madrasa. Anjaria is on the advisory council of Jama Masjid, New Delhi, and the convener of the Islamic Counter Terrorism Council. He also heads the Islamic Defence Cyber Cell.
As per the complaint, the boy lives in the same locality as Anjaria, in Parksite, Vikhroli.
The victim's uncle filed the complaint and told media that, "On November 9, which was the eve of Id-e-Milad, my nephew had gone to the market for some last-minute shopping. He had failed in class ten on the last term and was seeking admission into a madrasa. Anjaria had assured our family he would help us in this regard."
According to the media report, the victim met Anjaria in the market, where the 46-year-old asked the boy to get into his car saying they would go and see the madrasa where the latter would be admitted. "When they went to the madrasa in Ghatkopar, it was closed. Anjaria insisted that they visit the one in Sakinaka which, too, was shut. In a secluded stop behind this madrasa, Anjaria touched my nephew inappropriately. He got scared and started raising the alarm," said the complainant.
"He also threatened him not to tell anybody about the incident as it would not only jeopardize his admission prospects but also make him a butt of jokes in the community," said the complainant.
"He would stay home all day. The parents asked me to speak to him. On Sunday, he told me about the incident. He also said that for the last couple of months, Anjaria kept calling and texting him. If the two came across each other in the locality, Anjaria would ask the boy to come over to his place," the complainant alleged.
The Muslim family then registered a complaint with Sakinaka Police. Senior inspector Kishor Sawant of Sakinaka Police confirmed that the accused booked under relevant sections of POCSO. He added that further investigation into the case is underway.