France projects Prophet Muhammad’s images on Government building as a tribute to history teacher beheaded by Islamist

Images of Charlie Hebdo magazine on Prophet Muhammad are projected on French Government building as a tribute to history teacher who was beheaded by a Muslim fanatic. Samuel Paty, a history teacher in the greater Paris area, was murdered on Oct 16 by a Muslim immigrant terrorist because he showed the cartoons to his pupils as part of a lesson on freedom of expression.
France projects Prophet M 
FranceBleu quoted regional mayor Carole Delga as saying of the decision to show the art: “there must be no weakness in the face of the enemies of democracy, facing those who transform religion into a weapon of war… those who intend to destroy the Republic.”
People across the world appreciate the decision of the French Government. Worldwide people reacted on social media when French people shared images and videos of the giant images of Prophet Muhammad projected on the building.
While on the other hand, some people criticized the France Government
After publishing several caricatures on Prophet Muhammad and Islam, Islamist gunmen raided the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed many editorial staff in 2015. The latest attack over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons took place last week when Samuel Paty was beheaded after showing the drawings in class.
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