Indonesian President to look whether vaccination allowed or forbidden under Islamic Law

Amid Coronavirus pandemic, the President of the world's largest Muslim-majority nation warned his ministers not to rush the launching of a novel Coronavirus vaccine amid public concerns about whether it would be certified halal or permissible under Islamic law.
Indonesian president on v 
According to the report, President said," We should consider public perception regarding the halal status of potential COVID-19 vaccines."
"Public communication regarding the halal status, price, quality and distribution must be well-prepared," he added.
The Indonesian Government is currently waiting for halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council for the vaccines.
Controversy over whether vaccines adhere to Muslim principles has stymied public health responses before in Indonesia, including in 2018, when the Indonesian Ulema Council issued a fatwa declaring a measles vaccine was haram or forbidden under Islam.
So far, the country has reported 365,240 Coronavirus cases, including 12,617 fatalities and 289,243 recoveries.
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