Buddhist monk urges Bangladesh PM to save temples and monasteries from Islamic fanatics

A Bangladeshi Buddhist monk named Bhante Saranangkar Thero has pleaded to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to save a Buddhist temple, monastery, and local Buddhist community from political-Islamist propaganda and land grab threats.
Buddhist Monk Urges Bangl 
According to the report, the appeal was made in a video message circulated on Facebook by Bhante Saranangkar Thero, a Buddhist monk and principal of Gayanasarana monastery in Rangunia, southeastern Chittagong district.
“It has been four months since the crisis started at Rangunia and it is getting worse. A group of opportunist people has been trying to defame and ostracize a simple Buddhist monk, which is a disgrace. I would like to bring the matter to the attention of our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” the monk said
In recent years, Bangladesh has seen abuse of fake Facebook accounts to perpetrate attacks against religious minorities.
Muslim mobs destroyed 19 Buddhist temples and about 100 houses in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar and Patiya of Chittagong after a Buddhist man allegedly defamed Islam on Facebook in 2012.
In 2013, Muslims vandalized 26 Hindu houses in Santhiya in Pabna district, for Facebook posts defaming Islam, allegedly circulated by a 10th-grader Hindu boy.
In 2016, Hindus in Nasirnagar, Brahmanbaria district and in 2017, Hindus in Thakur Para, Rangpur district came under attack over Facebook posts allegedly made by Hindu men that defamed Islam.
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