French President to announce plans for strict laws to tackle 'Islamist separatism'

After experiencing an Islamic threat to France, President Emmanuel Macron has announced plans for tougher laws to tackle ‘Islamist separatism’.
French President on Islam 
According to the report, Mr Macron said the law, if passed, would empower authorities to shut down associations and schools that he said indoctrinate children and monitor foreign investment in religious organizations in France. It would also improve public services in poor suburbs, he said.
Groups that practice radical forms of Islam, Mr Macron said, were trying to create a parallel society governed by different rules and values than those espoused by the Republic.
"What we need to take on is Islamic separatism," Mr Macron said, during a visit to Les Mureaux, a suburb northwest of Paris.
The report claimed that France was one of the West's biggest sources of Islamic State militants when the terror group controlled swaths of Iraq and northern Syria. Hundreds of French nationals travelled to Islamic State territory, many bringing children. Others have mounted terrorist attacks in France that have killed more than 250 people over the past five years.
Since February 2018, France has shut down 212 bars and restaurants, 15 mosques or prayer rooms, 13 associations, 11 children's homes and four schools.
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