IT professional decides to restore neglected Jain statues across Karnataka

An IT professional working in Bengaluru is on a mission to restore neglected Jain statues across Karnataka. Sangamchand Sangannavar, who recently restored statues at a remote village in Belagavi district, has so far revived eight such statues.
IT Professional Decides t 
(Photo Credit: Times of India)
According to the report, Sangannavar, who hails from Jain community, developed the passion for restoring Jain relics about four years ago after reading the history of Jainism in books and online.
On Facebook, he was constantly following posts related to Jain artefacts discovered in neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. He even visited those places to draw inspiration. Sangannavar, who is from Belagavi, works in an IT company in Bengaluru.
Apart from giving life to the statue, he also built a platform for the installation of idols. Sangannavar said, if more people inform him about neglected statues, he is ready to help them revive them across the state.
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