Kartik Mass: devotees take dip in Pushkar Sarovar, follow Coronavirus guidelines

On the occasion of Sharad Purnima, a large number of devotees gathered at the Pushkar Sarovar located in Rajasthan, in the early hours to take a holy dip. The rush was comparatively very low because of Coronavirus pandemic.
Kartik Mass 2020 Pushkar  
According to the report, temple priest Suresh Parashar said there was a regular rush of devotees on Saturday for the holy dip. Pushkar is one of the most sacred sites of Hindus, and Kartik month is an important time for religious rituals.
The month of Kartik has begun from November 1. This month has an important and auspicious significance in Hindu culture. The Kartik month started from November 1 will last till November 30. In this month, the devotees not only worship Lord Vishnu, but they also worship Goddess Lakshmi.
According to Hindu beliefs, this month marks the sign of joy and kindness on Earth. It is also said that mother Lakshmi travels on Earth in this month. Goddess Lakshmi gives the grace of wealth to the devotees. And thus there is the importance of worshipping Maa Lakshmi in this month.
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