"If non-Christian marry Christian, their children will have to be baptized & undergo a Christian education," says Syro Malabar Church

After the controversy over the presence of Bishop Matthew Waniqizkhel in the marriage of a Muslim man and a Christian woman, Syro Malabar Church in Kerala issued a set of rules on interfaith marriages. The rules for interfaith marriages state that the Church will not combine wedding ceremonies with practices from other communities and faiths.
Kerala's Syro Malabar Chu 
According to the report, the Church said that the marriage ceremony in the Church will be held in strict adherence to canon laws if the non-Christian partner expresses willingness to be part of the Christian ceremonies.
The Church further said that it considers only a marriage between two Christians as a sacrament. A marriage with a non-Christian is to be considered as an event which happens in unusual circumstances. Since interfaith marriages are not a sacrament, there will be no holy communion but only a wedding service. 

The Church also said that, if the non-Christian, who has not gone through baptism, wants to marry a Christian, then there are specific rules that the couple has to adhere to. The rules state that the couple's children will have to be baptized and undergo a Christian education. Further, the Catholic partner will have to promise that he will not sway from his faith despite being married to a non-Christian partner.
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