Syro Malabar Church denies removing nun rape accused Bishop Mulakkal’s photo printed in its 2021 Calendar

Thrissur Diocese of the Syro-Malabar Church has denied removing the photograph of nun rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal printed in its 2021 calendar. The photo that appeared in the March month’s page in the calendar became controversial, and several believers in various parts of the State protested against it.
Syro Malabar Church Denie 
Regarding the protest, official of Thrissur Diocese said, “Though he (Bishop Mulakkal) has been stripped off the powers as Jalandhar Bishop, he is still a bishop. The case is pending and he has not been pronounced guilty till now. Hence, there is no need to remove the picture.”
Protesting against the decision of the Church, another organization Save Our Sisters Action Council, a group formed to defend nuns facing persecution in the Church, burnt copies of the calendar outside Church’s administrative buildings in Kollam and Thrissur.
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