Fellow Muslims beat Muslim youth for enjoying Christmas dinner in France

In France, a 20-year-old Muslim son of a police officer was beaten up by a gang of five other Muslims for enjoying a Christmas dinner with his family.
Fellow Muslims Beat Musli 
According to the report, France's Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that Muslims attacked the victim because his police officer mother is Muslim while his stepfather - also a police officer - is not.
Three people have since been arrested. The main suspect reportedly telling officers it was not Muslim to celebrate Christmas and the picture of the victim's food left him shocked. Mr Darmanin blasted the attack as racist, claiming it is an example of fundamentalist separatism which erodes traditional French values.
France has suffered numerous Islamist terrorist attacks, including the gruesome beheading of a teacher, who had shown Islam's prophet cartoons in his class in October 2020, followed by an attack inside Nice's largest Church that killed three.
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