A Christian man converted to Islam to marry a Muslim girl in Hyderabad

indiafaith    01-Feb-2020
To marry a Muslim girl, a 26-year-old man converted from Christianity to Islam. However, he approached the State Human Rights Commission because girl's parents denied permission to marriage, ANI reported.

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Bobbili Bhaskar, a Christian by birth had converted to Islam and changed his name to Mohammed Abdul Hunnain to marry a Muslim woman he had been in love for 11 years.
According to the Muslim clerics, if the non-Muslim boy wants to marry a Muslim girl, the boy must accept Islam first.
Mohammed Abdul Hunnain has filed a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission against the girl's family.
"I converted to Islam after her father asked me to do so. But later when I went to speak to her father, he refused, they thrashed me. I have not been able to contact her for the last 12 months, I do not even know if she is dead or alive. And that is why I have now approached State Human Rights Commission," he told media.
Abdul further added," I have requested her family to give me an opportunity to speak to her, but they are not giving me any chance. I will not change my religion even if I do not get to marry my girlfriend. I will now follow the religion until my last breath."
Such several cases have also happened in Kerala, where Christian boys converted to Islam to marry a Muslim girl.