RSS leader questions the Church for converting people to Christianity

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Suresh 'Bhaiyyaji' Joshi said that the Church converting people to Christianity by taking advantage of their "ignorance and poverty", India Today reported.

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According to media reports, Joshi said that forcible religious conversion of people should be considered a criminal offence. However, there is no objection if someone embraces Christianity on their own.
"If someone on his own understands Christianity and accepts it, then well and good. But you should not take advantage of someone's ignorance or poverty by way of exploiting and converting them," Joshi said.
"This is not right. We oppose it. We have no reason to oppose someone accepting Christianity on his accord," he said.
"When you are working for water conservation, why do you need Church for that? If you want to give medical services, then give it, why do you require to construct a Church there? This is a conspiracy," he said.
"We have no objection if you call someone to the church and explain to them about the religion and then let them accept the religion," Joshi said.
"Mass conversion is wrong, so is an individual conversion by luring them. Converting someone by luring them and forcibly converting them should be considered a crime," the RSS leader said.
The RSS leader was speaking during a question-answer session as part of his lecture session 'Vishwaguru Bharat' in Panaji, Goa.