Assam Government replaced the term 'Khilonjiya Muslims' with the specific Muslim community's recognitions.

Assam Government proposed 'Khilonjiya Muslim Development Corporation' will now be called the 'Goriya, Moriya, Deshi and Julha Development Corporation', The Indian Express reported. 
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The proposal was put in the meeting of Assam's Welfare of Minorities and Development Department along with various representatives of Assam's Muslim communities.
According to media reports, Assam's Welfare of Minorities Minister Ranjit Dutta said, "The words' Khilonjiya' and 'Muslim' will be omitted and replaced with the names of the specific communities - Goriya, Moriya, Deshi, and Julha."
"This was proposed because there is a lot of controversy around the term 'Khilonjiya' or 'indigenous'. And since it is not well-defined, other groups also might claim 'Khilonjiya' status in the census," said Dutta.
These Muslim communities have special recognition. Goriyas, Moriyas are primarily from Upper Assam and Deshis from Lower Assam, the Julha Muslims are known to be migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
Syed Muminul Aowal, Assam Minorities Development Board Chairman said, "We have proposed that the census be carried out by the Revenue Department, with the assistance of the Welfare of Minorities and Development Department and the Home Department."
"The method for identification to carry out the survey will be discussed soon," said Aowal, adding that "the social identity of Goriyas and Moriyas can be determined by the language they speak and the places they reside in."
"More than the developmental schemes the government will give us, we are more interested in earning a legitimate identification through this process, considering our identity has always been ambiguous," said Azizul Rahman, General Secretary of the All Assam Goriya Moriya Deshi Parishad. He added that apart from Goriya, Moriya, Deshi and Julha representatives, a "few groups from Barak Valley districts who are 'indigenous'" were all present in the meeting.
According to Census 2011, Assam is the highest Muslim growth rate State. The decadal (from 2001-2011) growth of Muslims is 3.3. Second is Kerala State with growth rate 1.9 and third one West Bengal with growth rate 1.8.
Many Muslim communities from neighbouring States and Countries are migrated to Assam. Following census data shows the Muslim percentage of Assam with the respective year.
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