Sant Shiromani Ravidas Jayanti celebrated on Magh Purnima in Uttar Pradesh.

Thousands of devotees gathered at Chikur, Uttar Pradesh to celebrate the Sant Shiromani Ravidas Jayanti on Magh Purnima, The Hans India reported.

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The Hindus believed that, on full moon day of the Hindu calendar's "Magh" month, Sant Ravidas was born. Over his lifetime, Ravidas emerged as a luminary of the Bhakti Movement, which called for complete devotion to God and challenged the caste hierarchy. With his message of equality, he came to be seen as a divine figure by Hindu people.
Meerabai, the legendary devotee of Lord Krishna, also considered Sant Ravidas her guru. Some of his creations were edited by Sikh Guru Arjun Dev and included in the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book. North India's several Hindus believe that "God means Ravidas and the road to reaching Ram is through their saint Ravidas."
Chilkur Balaji Temple Chief Priest CS Rangarajan said that Sant Ravidas and his teachings in the form of poems and songs belong to the entire society and not just to one community.
"Sant Ravidas was born in a cobbler's family and gained knowledge from his Guru Swami Ramananda, who was a great disciple of Ramanuja philosophy. There is a definite need for more community interaction and recognising the message of Sant Ravidas," Rangarajan said.
The senior priest said that Sanatana Dharma treated everyone as equal before God and the discrimination based on caste and class had crept into the system in later times.