Rs 16 crore sanctioned for Muslim and Christian religious institutions.

Naveen Patnaik led Odisha Government sanctioned Rs 16 crores for the development of religious institutions located in different districts of the State, Telegraph India reported.

Masjid and Church_1  
According to media reports, the sanctioned amount will be provided from the Special Problem Funds.
CM Naveen Patnaik sanctioned the funds for the following religious institutions.
• Jesus Christ Church of Satya Nagar: Rs 2 crore
• Mother Mary Catholic Church in the city: Rs 2 crore
• Odia Baptist Church at Mission road, Cuttack: Rs 2 crore
• Kadam-e-Rasool mosque at Dargha Bazar: Rs 2 crore
• Fakirabad Markazi mosque, Kendrapara: Rs 1 crore
• Old Bazar Jama Masjid, Bhadrak: Rs 1 crore
• Paltan Masjid, Sambalpur: Rs 1 crore
• Sambalpur St Joseph Cathedral (Roman Catholic): Rs 1 crore
• Jamia Masjid, Berhampur Bhapur Bazar: Rs 1 crore
• Giri Road Odia Baptist Church(CNI): Rs 1 crore
• Rourkela Bishop Missionary (Roman Catholic): Rs 1 crore
• Sunni Jama Masjid at Rajgangpur: Rs 1 crore
According to the 2011 census, Minorities have been growing faster than Hindus in Odisha. During the last 50 years from 1961-2011, the population growth of Hindus was 129.52% while minorities like Muslims and Christians grew by 323.40% and 477.91% respectively. Hindus topped the population chart with 93.63% in the State followed by Christians at 2.77% and Muslims at 2.17.