Tamil Nadu Government increases the funds allocated for repair & maintenance of Masjids and Churches

The Tamil Nadu's Deputy CM O Panneerselvam announced that the fund allocated for annual maintenance of mosques across the State had been raised to Rs 5 crores from Rs 60 lakh. The Government would spend Rs 5 crores on repairs and maintenance of churches against the earlier allocation of Rs 1 crore, Times of India reported.

Masjid and Church_1  
Panneerselvam also announced Rs 2.50 crore towards an annual administrative grant for the Wakf Board. Besides, scholarships to the tune of Rs 98.66 crores would be disbursed to around 3.64 lakh students of minority communities in the current fiscal year.
After the Naveen Patnaik led Odisha Government grants Rs 16 Crores to Muslim and Christian religious institution, Tamil Nadu Government decided to increase the funds for the same cause.
The foreign funds (FCRA) are also contributing along with State Government's funds for minority's religious institutions in Tamil Nadu. According to data published by FCRA portal, State’s Muslim organisations received Rs 19.38 crores during the year 2006 to 2017 while State's Christian organisations received Rs 8553 crores during the year 2006 to 2017.
Interestingly, no funds are declared for Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain institutions by Tamil Nadu Government for the same cause although Buddhist, Sikh, Jain institutions are recognised as the minority communities in the State according to Census 2011.