Assam Government decided to remove the Arabic word "Maktab" from the names of 63 schools.

The Assam Government has decided to drop the Arabic word "Maktab" (means Elementary School where Islamic studies like Quran, Hadith taught) from the names of 63 schools located across the State, The India Express reported.

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"63 such schools have come to our notice — there might be more, but we have given a general order to drop the word since no religious education is imparted in these schools," said Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma at a press conference.
According to media reports, Sarma says, students who attend "Maktab" schools later face difficulties during high school admission processes.
"When they seek admission to high schools, it is questioned because so far, they have received education in religious schools. So they face a lot of trouble," Sarma told reporters.
This new announcement comes after Sarma's earlier announcement where he said that all Government-funded madrasas and Sanskrit Tols (schools) would be shut, and converted into "normal" high schools.
The minister also announced a fund of Rs 710 crore for the 'Assam Darshan' scheme to aid the development of religious places in the State. He also told media that a sum of Rs 615 crore would be spent on building roads to these religious spots.