Saudi Arabia planning to stop funding mosques located in foreign countries.

According to the report published in the Swiss newspaper, Le Matin Dimanche said a Mosque in Geneva is being handed over to a Swiss administrative council that will have an "elected cleric", Wio News reported.

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Former Saudi Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bin Abdul-Karim Issa disclosed that Saudi Arabia is to take the same measures with all the mosques all over the world, referring to "security reasons".
The reports also say that Saudi Arabia is to establish local administrative councils for each mosque, in cooperation with the local authorities, in order to hand over these mosques to "secure hands".
Saudi Arabia was promoting Wahhabi Islam to the world by funding the multi-million dollar since the 1960s. According to the reports, in 2007, Saudi Arabia had spent close to $2 billion annually on promoting this ideology.
The mosque in several countries, including India, has been funded by Saudi Arabia. However, after the decision, Saudi's ownership of these foreign mosques will be handed over to local authorities of that country.