Maharashtra Government is preparing to introduce reservations for Muslims, says Minister Aslam Sheikh.

indiafaith    03-Feb-2020

Maharashtra Minister and Congress leader Aslam Sheikh claimed that the coalition government in Maharashtra, formed between Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress, had in their common minimum programme to grant reservations to Muslims in Maharashtra, ANI reported.

Muslim Reservation_1  
In 2018, it was the BJP-Shiv Sena Government in Maharashtra ruled out the earlier ordinance passed by previous NCP-Congress government granting a 5 per cent reservations for Muslims on the grounds of Supreme Court and High Court rulings barring reservations based on religion.
According to media reports, the Bombay High Court had allowed reservation in educational institutions for Muslims but dismissed reservations in jobs in 2014.
In 2018, Former Maharashtra CM and Indian National Congress (INC) leader Prithviraj Chavan demanded an ordinance for Muslim reservation. "There is a strong ground for Muslim reservation on the economic, educational and social backwardness criteria. The High Court has not stayed quota for Muslims in education. They can bring in an ordinance the way my government brought in 2014," Chavan said.
According to Census 2011, Muslims constituted 11.5% of the total population of Maharashtra.