Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah becomes the first dargah to display Preamble of the Constitution.

indiafaith    03-Feb-2020
The Mumbai's Mahim Dargah namely Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah, likely became the first dargah in India to display the preamble of the Indian Constitution in its premises, Times of India reported.

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According to media reports, the flag of the Muslim saint was also hoisted. The occasion was the 607th Urs (death anniversary) of the saint that is being celebrated this weekend.
Suhail Khandwani, the managing trustee, said, "This is a temporary plaque which is commonly placed in the school attached to our dargah where students recite it each morning. The permanent installation will be designed in glass with golden lettering. It will have a map of India against a background of tricolour lighting. We hope to put it up next week."
Makhdoom Ali Mahimi Shafi'i was the first Indian scholar to write an exegesis on the Quran, which gained critical acclamation from numerous Islamic scholars including Shah Waliullah Dehlavi. Authoring more than a hundred books but we only know the name of twenty-one books from which only ten books are available in different libraries in India; he was given the moniker Qutub-e -kokan (kokan's pole star). He was the first commentator of the Quran in India. His commentary is called "Tafsirur Rahman." it is available in al Azhar University, Cairo and Ummul-Qura University, Makkah.