Resettlement of persecuted Mizoram’s indigenous Bru (Reang) community in Tripura Part-2

For Brus, a natural environment is a dwelling place for many of their deities and spirits. These are believed to dwell in specific parts of the physical space, such as hills and hillocks, dense trees and vegetation and water bodies such as rivers, tanks and springs. They respect and conserve the sacred river and grove, mainly a dense cluster of bamboo trees. They consider these as 'Mother Nature' and the abode of the guardian spirit of that place Meanwhile, the efforts from Mizo Christian missionaries for the religious conversion of Brus from Hinduism to Christianity also carried. However, the religious conversion did not easy among the Brus. 

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The resettlement of the Bru community
According to the tweet from Governor Swaraj Kaushal, the NDA led Government has resolved the 125 years old social issue. As part of this settlement, the Home Ministry has released Rs 600 crore for the welfare of the Bru people living in six refugee camps in Tripura. Each Bru family would be given a 40x30 plot to construct a house as part of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna along with a Rs 1.5 lakh aid for the same.

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They will also be given a fixed deposit of Rs 4 lakh and monthly aid of Rs 5,000 per month along with free ration for the next two years.
Additionally, Rs 150 lakh will be given to the Tripura Government for land acquisition to acquire plots for the Bru refugees.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the signing of the agreement took to Twitter and wrote - "Committed to the development of the North East and its citizens!"
Home Minister Amit Shah also said that the Bru community now live in their own homes. He also said that they will have voting rights. Reacting to the agreement,
The Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga said that the Bru crisis has been resolved and there will be no political tussle between Mizoram and Tripura government.
The Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb said that the refugees were deprived of their fundamental rights and facilities but will now settle in his State.

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Brus battle for existence ended.
Finally, the Brus get their constitutional rights. According to Article 29 of the Indian Constitution, a cultural or linguistic minority has a right to conserve its language and culture. The article protects scheduled tribe communities to preserve their languages, dialects, and cultures. Further, Article 350A provides for facilities for instruction through the mother tongue at the primary stage of education.
Comparatively, Brus are very minute in the Mizoram State. The displacement of the Brus and their demand of an Autonomous District Council for them in the State resulted from the issues like loss of land, loss of cultural values, social structure and institutions and above all loss of recognition as an indigenous people together with the lack of opportunities for them for active participation in national, political and economic processes. However, after the long battle journey, the sacrifice of many lives, the Brus fight for existence is ended. The persecution of Indian communities in India like Kashmiri Pandits, Brus on the ground of beliefs and still no intolerant incidents happened from these communities which prove interfaith tolerance in this country is ages old.