"Close all Mosques until we know what is being preached in them", says Anti Corruption Ireland leader O'Doherty.

indiafaith    06-Feb-2020
A video published by one of the follower of Anti-Corruption Ireland (ACI) leader Gemma O'Doherty on her Twitter account. In this video clip, while talking with ACI members, Gemma O'Doherty said, "Close all Mosques until we know what is being preached in them".

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Gemma O'Doherty (born 24 August 1968) is a former Irish journalist. She was a teacher before becoming a journalist. She is the widow of the editor of the Irish Independent's Sunday Review, Peter Carvosso. In February 2019, O'Doherty founded "Anti-Corruption Ireland", described as a "political movement." O'Doherty is against Muslim immigration to Ireland.
Sixty-three thousand practising Muslims are living in Ireland and having approximately fifty mosques and prayer centres within the State.
According to Census 2016, appx 60 thousand out of 47 lakh population declared their religion as Islam. About 3.7 million declared themselves as Roman Catholic and 1.26 Laks as Church of Ireland. After these two religions, Islam was the third most popular religion in Ireland.
By the Census 1991, appx 3.8 thousand Muslims were living in Ireland, however, this is the year when the religious community began to grow. From 1991 onwards, the number of Muslims increased considerably due to the arrival of Muslim refugees from Bosnia, Somalia, and Kosovo, as well as asylum seekers and professionals and workers from various Islamic countries. Islam is now one of the fastest-growing religions and now become a social issue in Ireland.