Hindus & Buddhists financially contributed to the construction of Jama Masjid at Koregaon-Bhima town.

A great example of religious harmony at Pune district came to light when two non-Muslim communities came forward to construct the Jama Masjid. At Koregaon-Bhima, both Hindus & Buddhists communities have financially contributed to the construction of Masjid, The Lokmat reported.

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After the infamous Koregaon-Bhima's riots, to establish social unity, the resident non-Muslim communities decided to help the Muslims to Built the Masjid.
The Koregaon-Bhima is popularly recognised with the 2018 riots. In connection with the riot, the Pune Police arrested Surendra Gadling, Sudhir Dhawale, Rona Wilson, Shoma Sen and Mahesh Raut with alleged Maoist links for inciting riots. After more investigation, the Pune Police had found Maoist links of the rioters. They arrested Maoist ideologue Varavara Rao, lawyer Sudha Bharadwaj, activists Arun Ferreira, Gautam Navlakha and Vernon Gonsalves. The case is still under the investigation. But this incident highlights the Koregaon-Bhima town at a national level.
Most interestingly, after the recent Dalit - Muslims conflicts like the name change from Gautamnagar to Islamnagar in Uttar Pradesh and Dalit youth died after burned by resident Muslims in Madhya Pradesh etc. the Hindus and Buddhist came forward to establish the religious harmony.
The Muslims are protesting all over the country on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The CAA benefits persecuted minorities from neighbouring Islamic countries. Though Muslims anti-CAA protests, here in Pune district, the excellent example of tolerance has seen.
Many local Hindu and Buddhist leaders, along with Muslim leaders, have participated in the Jama Masjid's inauguration programme.