Telangana High Court favouring 2 % reservation for converted Dalit Christians.

Telangana High Court supports two per cent reservation for Dalits who converted to Christianity, in social welfare Gurukul school admissions, Times of India reported. 
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According to media reports, the HC bench of Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and justice A Abhishek Reddy heard a public interest plea filed by P Srinivas of Hyderabad. The PIL was filed against the notification earmarking two per cent reservations for converted Dalit Christians issued by the Social Welfare Department seeking applications for admissions into 5th Class.
The petitioner's counsel Harinath argued that once a Scheduled Caste person converts to Christianity, they cannot be granted a reservation.
On PIL, the HC bench said,
  • State and society should never try to keep a person backwards.
  • By conversion, only the nomenclature of the person changes, but not his backwardness, poverty etc.
  • The central philosophy of the reservations is to attend to the more oppressed and backwards.
  • The State of Telangana decides to be more liberal and provides some space for the converts, and there is nothing wrong in it.
  • The State wants to uplift those who were suppressed for thousands of years whose conversion to Christianity will not make them forward.
  • We cannot let these oppressed sections lag behind.
The HC bench posted the case to four weeks and told the State Counsel to file his counter on these issues.