Jharkhand bishops submitted a memorandum against CAA-NRC-NPR to CM Hemant Soren.

The Catholic bishops of Jharkhand have urged the Government to totally abrogate or suitably amend the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, suspend the National Population Register and unequivocally clarify its stand on the National Register of Citizens, Telegraph India reported. 
Jharkhand Bishops against 
The memorandum with titled "Adivasi memorandum against CAA-NRC-NPR" said "The new module of the NPR, which is expected to be initiated by April 1, has also created apprehensions in our minds regarding the purpose, goals, objectives and consequences of the exercise. We sincerely fear that CAA-NRC-NPR together is going to hugely disrupt the peaceful and law-abiding lives of crores of common people in the country, especially from the most marginalised sections of the society such as tribals, Dalits and minorities."
The Citizenship Amendment Act CAA permits citizenship to all persecuted Christians from neighbouring countries. Still, the Indian Christians opposing the law. The Church leaders from all over India took active participation in anti-CAA protests.