Bishops Council (KRCBC) has urged members to greet each other with Namaste.

Karnataka Region Catholic Bishops Council (KRCBC) has urged the Church members to avoid handshakes and greet each other with Namaste as a precaution on a spread of Coronavirus, Times of India reported. 
Namaste over Corona Virus 
According to media reports, KRCBC president and the Archbishop of Bengaluru Rev Peter Machado has issued a 12-point guideline to all parishes in Karnataka.
"The Namaste at the time of the exchange of peace is always to be preferred instead of the handshake. On Good Friday (April 10), parish priests may advise people not to kiss the Cross during the rite of veneration of the Cross, and instead bow to it," said Machado," said Machado.
He stressed to empty the holy water fonts regularly and ensure all Churches, institutions and the surroundings are kept clean and sanitised.
Kerala-based Marthoma Church has decided that no Holy Mass will be held at its parishes till March 31.