Iranian scholar Hossein Momeni says Coronavirus is human-made, a weapon that targets Shiites, Muslims and Iranians.

Hossein Momeni, an Iranian scholar, said in a March 10, 2020 interview that Coronavirus is without a doubt a human-made disease that has emerged as a weapon against the Shiites, the Muslims, and the Iranians, Times of India reported. 
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In his interview, he expressed confidence that this disaster will morph into an opportunity for Iran, much like many disasters have since the Islamic revolution.
Hossein Momeni said, "This (Coronavirus) disease is, without a doubt, man-made. Whether it was deliberate or not is another discussion, but this disease has definitely emerged as a weapon against the Shiites, against the Muslims, and against the Iranians. In a society that draws its faith from its holy figures, the disease serves as a weapon by the enemy."
"Very soon, you shall see that this disease – this disaster, this threat – will morph into an opportunity. We have had many such opportunities over the past 40 years that had horrible beginnings," he said.