Friday prayers at home not possible, but religious leaders will decide, says Muslim leaders to Mumbai Police.

As a precaution against the spread of Coronavirus, Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh urged Muslim community leaders to stop namaz at mosques for a few days, but the Mufti replied, "Friday prayers cannot be performed at home," Mid Day reported.
Mumbai police urges to sh 
According to media reports, Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh called a meeting of the Muslim community leaders. Around 100 people of the community were present in the meeting representing different sects. The Commissioner urged the Muslims to stop namaz at mosques for a few days, but no final decision was taken regarding a complete shutdown of mosques.
Mufti Manzoor Ziayee who was representing the Sunni sect of the Muslim community said, "The daily ritual of five-time namaz can be performed at home, but the police were concerned about Friday prayers where thousands visit the mosque. These prayers cannot be performed at home."
Member of Jamiatul Ulema, Haleem Qasmi, represents another Muslim sect said, "We will ask people not to stay too long inside the mosque, and the duration of the prayers will also be reduced, asking people to perform the remaining part of namaz at their homes."
Members of Haji Ali and Mahim Dargah were also present that saw the authorities urging religious leaders to close down these major shrines for at least two weeks.
Dr Zahir Kazi, president of Anjuman Islam Education Institute and member of All India Muslims Personal Law Board, said, "I raised points regarding how any gathering can lead to the spread of the virus. But this is a matter of faith, and the religious leaders will take a final call."
However, all major temples and Churches were closed after the request from the Maharashtra Government. Till present, in India, the largest Corona Virus cases are found in Maharashtra.