Coronavirus kills 13 Church priests in Italy.

The death toll of Church clergy in Italy due to Coronavirus has now reached at least 13, Breitbart reported.
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Media reported that at least ten priests had already died in Italy due to Coronavirus, more than half of them from the hard-hit Diocese of Bergamo.
Bishop Francesco Beschi of Bergamo said that 20 priests in his diocese had been hospitalized and six of them had died.
“The number of priests who have died this week and that of those who are still in a particularly serious situation is very high,” the bishop said in a radio interview.
Three other priests have died in the northern Diocese of Brescia, one of whom tended to the terminally ill in a nearby hospice.
Another of the clerics to succumb to the disease was Monsignor Vincenzo Rini of the Diocese of Cremona, who died on March 14. Rini reportedly ran Cremona’s diocesan newspaper for 30 years.
More than 40,000 people in Italy have been infected with the Coronavirus, and more than 4000 people have died.