Casteism in Islam: Police files case against Muslim community members who boycotted a family which supports intercaste marriage.

Mumbai Police registered a case against 17 people belonging to Muslim Mansuri Kathiawad community for allegedly asking people to boycott a couple for inter-caste marriage, Mid Day reported. 
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The father of a Muslim boy filed a complaint with the police alleging harassment from his community leaders who were visiting every home in the area and asking people to boycott his family.
According to media reports, Ahmed Raza (23), son of Abdul Ghaffar Mansuri (49), living in Jambil Mohalla near Bhendi Bazar got married on April 25, 2019, with Urusu Fatima, who lives in the same area and belongs Gachi Muslim community.
Before the wedding, Mansuri went to inform the president of his community Javed Mussoorie about his son marrying outside the community, the president took strict objection and had threatened that if the wedding takes place, then their entire family will be boycotted socially.
Mansuri met some of the senior members of his society, but they also refused to help him. Mansuri told media that the community members also visited every home to boycott the family, and nobody attended the wedding.
"It is almost a year that my son got married, and he is living happily, but the harassment continued from people of my community. So with no options left, I had to file a complaint with the police," said Mansuri.
An official from JJ Marg Police station told mid-day, "Under the Maharashtra Protection of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016, we have registered a case against 17 people."