Criminal cases are registered against the Maulana, trustees of the mosque in Mumbai.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Collector imposed section 144 under which mobilization is prohibited. However, many Muslims of Vasai gathered together for namaz. For violating the Collector's order, police registered the criminal cases against Maulana and trustees of the mosque, Maharashtra Times reported.
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Sunni Jama Masjid at Pelhar Fata, Rajivali Madrasa Gaussia Talimulkurnashera Raja Trust, Nuri Mosque at Santosh Bhuvan, Sunni Jama Mosque in Virar, Jama Mosque in Dindayal Nagar of Vasai, where many Muslims gathered for namaz. The police then filed cases against the Maulana and trustees.
As a precautionary action against Coronavirus, all religious places in the State are ordered to close until further orders. Police and Municipal Corporation had already issued related notices to all religious sites in Vasai-Virar area. Still, a large crowd gathered for namaz at Vasai-Virar area.