In Kolkata, over one lakh Christians attend online Church mass.

Over one lakh Christians in Kolkata and some living abroad attended the Holy Eucharist mass online, read out by Archbishop Thomas D'Souza from Archbishop House on Park Street, Times of India reported. 
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To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, Archdiocese of Kolkata, which governs Roman Catholic churches in the city told their parishes for not to hold individual mass despite it being the fourth Sunday during Lent.
Central Government also directs to all religious sites that not to hold any religious activity to prevent mass gathering.
According to media reports, the Vicar General Dominic Gomes said that when Archbishop D'Souza instructions went out that it would be unsafe to hold Sunday congregations, but the mass during Lent a crucial religious activity.
"We took this step so that all believers could stay at home and pray with the Archbishop as he read out the prayers, focusing on the troubled times and how to ask for the grace to help us navigate it," said Vicar General Dominic Gomes.
In this online mass, parishioners of 65 Churches participated.