Complaint filed against Government doctor who was preaching the Bible to cure Coronavirus.

In Kalyan district of Mumbai, a case has been registered against a doctor who told a patient that the Coronavirus is cured by reading the Bible. The patient and relative have filed a complaint against the doctor at the Kolsewadi Police Station, Mumbai Tarun Bharat reported. 

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According to media reports, on March 27, Kalyan resident Dheeraj Gupta along with his nephew had gone to the Government hospital in Netivali town. After an examining the patient, the lady doctor started talking about the Bible.
The complainant alleged that the doctor tried to convince him that Coronavirus will be cured by reading the Bible. The complainant has video proof of the incident, and he is ready to put it in front of the police. When complainant realised that the local police station was not taking serious action on his complaint, he decided to meet the Assistant Police Commissioner along with the social activists.
According to Indian Constitution, religious preching at Government premises is not allowed.