In Jharkhand, police arrested maulavis and foreign nationals from masjid

Jharkhand police arrested 22 Muslims, including 17 foreign nationals from different countries who were hiding in Badi Masjid located in Ranchi, India Today reported. 
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The Badi Masjid comes under Hindpidi Police Station limits.
According to media reports, in a similar raid, police had detained 11 maulvis from China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan hiding in a mosque in Tamad police station area in Jharkhand's Ranchi. All of them were put under quarantine to contain the spread of Coronavirus.
The back to back arrests of foreign nationals have raised many questions. Police seized the passport and visa of all foreigners and are investigating into all dimensions.
The police had a lead that many foreign citizens are hiding in Badi Masjid. Among the 22 detained, eight are from Malaysia, three from England, two from West Indies, one each from Holland and Bangladesh, two from Africa, three from Delhi and one each from Gujarat and Mumbai.
Outside the mosque, people were raising the questions that what they were doing in the mosque amid lockdown and Coronavirus scare.