Pakistanis denied food supply to Hindus

In Pakistan, Hindus who like Muslims are suffering from the Coronavirus epidemic, are being denied rations , ANI reported. 
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Amid COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of poor people gathered at Rehrri Ghoth in Karachi to receive food supplies and daily essentials. However, those who belong to the Hindu community were told to go back.
According to media reports, Hindus were told that they were not eligible for having food supplies since it was only meant for Muslims.
Hindus in Liyari, Sachal Ghoth and other parts of Karachi as well as all over Sindh are being denied a share in government food and rations if they happen to be Hindus.
While talking to media, a non-Muslim man said that the reason for this is that Zakat, Islamic almsgiving (one of Islam’s five pillars), is reserved for Muslims.
However, Pakistan, a Muslim majority State, supporting openly by taking no action against such religious discrimination of Pakistani Hindus. While on the other side, Mangla Sharma, a Hindu member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly, donated her March salary to the Coronavirus emergency fund created by the Chief Minister.