Buddhist monk donates to Pope's Coronavirus fund

Ashin Nyanissara known as Sitagu Sayadaw, a prominent Buddhist monk, has made donations to the coronavirus emergency fund set up by Pope Francis, UCA News reported. 
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Archbishop Marco Tin Win presents a gift to Sitagu Sayadaw at the donation ceremony at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Mandalay, on April 16. (Photo: Radio Veritas Asia-Myanmar Service)
Archbishop Marco Tin Win of Mandalay Archdiocese received US$10,000 from Sitagu Sayadaw. The monk also provided bags of rice, cooking oil, beans, onions, beans and salt for orphanages and others in need in Mandalay Archdiocese.
According to media reports, Sitagu Sayadaw said, "All we need to do is work hand in hand based on a common platform to tackle Covid-19 and carry out charitable work through solidarity."
The Buddhist cleric had a private meeting with Pope Francis during his visit to Myanmar in November 2017. He also met with the previous pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, in Rome in 2011.
Christianity is the country's second-largest religion, practised by 6.2% of the population, primarily among the Kachin, Chin and Kayin, and Eurasians because of missionary work in their respective areas. The percentage of Christians in the Chin minority group grew from 35% in 1966 to 90% in 2010 and in the Kachin minority group; it grew from 40% in 1966 to 90~95% in 2010. (Mang, Pum Za (August 2016). "Buddhist Nationalism and Burmese Christianity". Studies in World Christianity.)