Islamic organization declares Coronavirus as a "punishment visited by Allah upon the non-Muslims"

A spokesman Islamic organization Al-Shabaab active in Somalia declared Coronavirus as a "punishment visited by Allah upon the disbelievers" in an audio message reported on April 27, 2020, as 38% of Somalis recorded as viewing the pandemic through a "religious lens", Barnabas Fund reported. 
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Ali Dhere, a spokesman of Al-Shabaab, called on Muslims to gloat about the "painful torment" inflicted on any non-Muslims who contract Coronavirus and have no sympathy for those who are ill.
He went on to mock Government lockdown measures intended to contain the epidemic, describing the closure of mosques and Islamic seminaries as "sinister". The militant closed by inciting Muslims to "join the war against unbelievers" and work towards the end of democracy and implementation of Sharia (Islamic Law) in Somalia.