Quran and non-Muslims deaths from Coronavirus

On March 31, 2020, Salafi-jihadi ideologue Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi shared a post on his Al-Tawhid Awalan channel on Telegram stating there is nothing wrong with a Muslim praying for the deaths of infidels (Non-Muslims) and wishing that they contract Coronavirus or any similar fatal disease, Memri reported 
Quran and nonmuslims deat 
According to the media reports, the post included an image from a news report on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's self-quarantine after one of his top aides was diagnosed with Coronavirus.
Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi is a Jordanian Islamic preacher belongs to the Salafi faction of Islam. In Telegram post, Al-Maqdisi said, Allah had certain wisdom when he created infidels, the same as when he created animals, insects, and everything else. Yet this should not be a reason for us to think, or for leading people to think, that because Allah had wisdom of creating infidels... we should not rejoice their disappearance, if they were killed or crushed or died because of the Coronavirus.
Al-Maqdisi has given the reference from Quran to strengthen his arguments.
He cites the Quranic verse- Surat Al-Anfal, verse 57,
If you meet them (Non-Muslims) in a battle, cause their example to scatter those behind them (Non-Muslims) so that they remember. He adds If Allah allowed Muslims to fight the infidels (Non-Muslims), it is then self-evident that Allah will allow them to rejoice over [the infidels'] diminishment.
Al-Maqdisi disputes those who think that every individual can become a believer if Muslims show them kindness or who believe that it is allowed to pray for and guide every human being. This kind of argument is too kind and absurd.
Citing another Quranic verse- Surat Al-Taghabun, verse 64,
He is the one who created you, and among you is a disbeliever, and among you is a believer, Al-Maqdisi adds that Muslims cannot provide such guidance because doing so would contradict the wisdom of Allah.
Taking Support of Quranic verses and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Al-Maqdisi said, Muslims should not be ashamed to pray to Allah for Him to diminish all those who fought [against] Islam, and kill them, and not save any one of them. Oh, Allah, tighten your grip on them; Oh Allah, punish them by our hands and inflict them with Coronavirus, plagues, and diseases.
Not only Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi but many Islamic preachers from different countries expressed their similar views on their social media accounts.
In India also, such religious hate speeches against non-Muslims have been reported.
Ilyas Sharafuddin, a well-known Muslim cleric, said Beware! Fear Allah before it is too late. Worship him alone.
(youtube httpswww.youtube.comwatchv=zvP4wJzaCP4)
Quran and nonmuslims deat 
In another video, Abbas Siddiqui, an influential Islamic cleric from the Indian State of Bengal, urged Muslims to pray to Allah so that he sends a deadly virus in India which kills 50 crores people. He also said that Muslims are roaming freely without any personal protection equipment but they are not getting infected by Coronavirus (https://youtu.be/vIuXPNvdmW4)
Quran and nonmuslims deat 
Such arguments of Islamic preachers revealed that the non-Muslims have no right to live on the planet because they do not believe that Allah is the only God. These religiously inspired hate arguments are created a major question before non-Muslims that how a peaceful co-existence possible with Muslims in modern civilization.