Bharat Mata statue reopens with dignity by local Hindus

In Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu (TN), local Hindu people gathered and removed the cover of Bharat Mata statue with dignity after permission from local authorities. Police had covered the statue of Bharat Mata after a complaint from Christians.

Bharat Mata Statue_1  
Local authorities had covered Bharat Mata statue in Tamil Nadu after a complaint received from local Christians. In a complaint, Christians claimed, the statue of Bharat Mata hurts their religious sentiments.
According to local media reports, the Bharat Mata statue was inside a 200-year-old Isakki Amman (Durga) temple in Puliyur village. Recently, a family of a daily worker Muthu Kumar had erected the Bharat Mata statue and adorned.
Christians of the Church of South India (CSI) living in the vicinity complained that the statue affected their “religious sentiments”. This led to the District Superintendent of police asking his personnel to cover the statue. The local sub-inspector of police asked the locals to remove the statue or face action.
Hindu organizations protested against the illegal move by the TN police. Police arrested some people for their participation in the protest. However, after the investigation, the District Collector ordered the police to restore the statue. After the incident, people from all over India started reacting on social media.
BJP leader Tarun Vijay who has been spearheading this moment to restore Bharat Mata statue, took to social media to tweet “We won. Late-night collector ordered to restore statue #Kanyakumari to the original position.”
According to a report, T Muthukumar, owner of the Temple, said, “The statue was on our Patta land without affecting public peace or law and order. It did not create any communal clashes. My ancestors built the Temple, and we have been maintaining the same for generations.”
According to the 2011 Census, Christians make up 46.85 per cent of the population in Kanyakumari and Hindus 48.65 with Muslims making up the rest.
However, the question remains how a secular Bharat Mata statue hurts the religious sentiments of Christians...?
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