Sikh abducted in Afghanistan, community seeks India's support

An Afghanistan Sikh was abducted from the Paktia province in Eastern Afghanistan four days ago, confirmed the Afghan Sikh community living in the United States. The Afghan Sikh community living in the United States (US) has again urged the Government of India to help in the resettlement of the Sikhs living in Afghanistan, ANI reported.
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A Sikh identified as Nidhan Singh hails from Tsamkani district in the Paktia province and was employed as a Gurusewak (helper) at the local Gurudwara.
According to media reports, Paramjit Singh Bedi, Chairman of the Afghan Sikh community in New Jersey, said: "I have spoken to Sikh Member of Parliament Narinder Singh, and he confirmed that officials in the Afghan Government have promised to help and find Nidhan."
"Narinder Singh has also reached out to the Taliban leaders and has been assured that all efforts will be made to ensure his release," Bedi further said.
In May 2020, expressing concerns over the safety and security of religious minorities in Afghanistan, twenty-six US Congressmen urged Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to take all available steps to facilitate the "safe and expeditious relocation" of members of the Sikh and Hindu communities trapped in the war-hit country.
In the letter dated May 4, Congressman John Garamendi, co-chair of Sikh Caucus, and twenty-five others stated that the Sikh community continues to be under "grave" threat from Islamic State terrorist attacks directed at Sikhs. Once a thriving community of nearly 250,000 people, the Sikh and Hindu community in Afghanistan has endured years of discrimination and violence from extremists, and the community is now estimated to comprise fewer than 100 families across the country, the letter said.
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