Muslim political leaders demand five per cent reservations for Muslims in Maharashtra

Muslim political leaders in Maharashtra have reiterated their demand for five per cent Muslim quota in jobs and education, UNI reported. 
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The demand from Muslim leaders has come after the Maharashtra Public Service Commission exams results, in which out of 420 candidates selected by MPSC, only four were Muslims.
Former Minority Department Minister and Congress leader Arif Naseem Khan said, "There would have been at least 20 Muslims out of 420 candidates selected if the five per cent Muslim quota in jobs and education the Congress-NCP government gave in 2014 was implemented. The BJP Government never implemented it, but the Maha Vikas Aghadi should restore this Muslim reservation now."
He added that it was essential to improve their (Muslims) representation in Government jobs. Khan was instrumental in identifying 50 economically backward classes (EBCs) among Muslims in the state who qualified to get a reservation.
Another leader, City Congress (minority cell) Vice-Chairman Mudassar Patel said, "When in the last session of assembly Minority Department Minister Nawab Malik spoke about five per cent Muslim quota, the government said an expert committee would look into it and give suggestions. We hope CM Uddhav Thackeray and others in the Government will follow the Common Minimum Programme and secular policies and give back 5 per cent quota to the economically backward and marginalized community that Muslims are today."
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There is no reservation granted based on religion in the Central educational institutions at the national level, although reservation has been extended to religious minorities in some states. The Tamil Nadu Government has allotted 3.5% of seats each to Muslims and Christians. The Government of Andhra Pradesh introduced a law enabling 4 per cent reservations for Muslims in 2004. The Supreme Court upheld this law in an interim order in 2010, but it constituted a Constitution bench to look further into the issue. Kerala Public Service Commission has a quota of 6% for Muslims. Religious minority (Muslim or Christian) educational institutes also have 50% reservation for Muslim or Christian religions.
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