Demolish statues of Jesus Christ because it represents ‘white supremacy’, says activist of Black Lives Matter Movement

Activist of the movement Black Lives Matter former pastor Shaun king called for the demolition of the statues of Jesus Christ in the United States. The reason for the request of the collapse of the monuments is that the sculptors have depicted the Central figure of Christianity whites.
White Jesus_1   
 Sean king sees the statues of Jesus Christ, the attempt to prove the racial superiority of Europeans. The Bible says that after fleeing the family of the Saviour tried to mingle with the local population of Egypt, not Denmark. This supposedly testifies to brown and not white skin of Christ.
Activist Shaun King posted a message with a call to smash the statues in the microblog Twitter. This post attracted tens of thousands of comments. 
King also shared an image of a darker-skinned Jesus that appeared in a 2002 Popular Mechanics article, which scholars believe may be more accurate than those showing Jesus as a European.
The movement against racism in the United States developed after the death of the African-American George Floyd from the hands of the police.
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