Pope Francis acts against Bishop for hiding sexual abuse cases of his diocese

Pope Francis has ordered a Polish bishop to leave his central diocese and let someone else run it while he is under investigation for covering up cases of sexual abuse that were featured in a second clergy abuse documentary that has rocked Poland's Catholic Church.
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According to the report, the Vatican's ambassador, in explaining the decision, said the current Kalisz bishop, Edward Janiak, 67, retains the title of Kalisz bishop for the time being. However, the explanation, posted late Thursday (June 25) on the Polish Bishops Conference website, said Janiak must leave the territory of the diocese and can't have any form of influence on how it is run.
In May, the online documentary "Playing Hide and Seek," exposed two cases of paedophile priests that Janiak handled, first as an auxiliary bishop of Wroclaw and then as Bishop of Kalisz, which he has headed since 2012.
The film also documented another case of an alleged cover-up of another priest during Janiak's time as Kalisz bishop.
Such a display of priests disobeying their Bishop is unusual in the Catholic hierarchy, particularly in conservative Poland, and suggests that the level of public outcry over sex abuse is growing and changing attitudes inside the Church.
In early June, Janiak was hospitalised with the suspicion he had suffered a stroke. Further examination showed he was just heavily drunk.
Both Sekielski films carry English subtitles and are available on YouTube. As of Thursday (June 25), "Tell No One," had registered 23.8 million views; "Playing Hide and Seek" registered 7.3 million views since its premiere May 16.
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