China Bribes Vatican: “China allocates 2 billion dollars to the Vatican to keep silence on Chinese atrocities”, says exiled Chinese billionaire

According to the report published by Breitbart, exiled Chinese dissident Guo Wengui alleged in a June 20th interview on The War Room that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) "allocates $2 billion every year" to pay off the Vatican for its silence concerning Chinese atrocities.
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Guo has previously stated that China has drafted a complete strategy for world domination known by the initials "BGY," which stands for Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex).
According to Guo, these huge amounts of BGY funds are employed for a variety of uses, including bribing local officials, regulating media messaging, and controlling local resources.
According to veteran Vatican journalist John L. Allen, Jr., the Vatican has spared no effort in its attempt to woo Beijing into full diplomatic relations, a key priority of the Francis papacy.
The Vatican is "covetous of a relationship with China, and often apparently willing to stifle objections and give away a great deal" in order to move toward that goal, Allen wrote last month.
In short, "the Vatican is moving full-steam ahead in its courtship of Beijing, with the ultimate prize remaining full diplomatic relations, a secure legal standing for the church, and partnerships on the global stage," Allen wrote.
According to the report, Vatican analyst Alban Mikozy on French television in December 2019 said, "Pope Francis is a prudent man. He pursues a dream: to be the sovereign pontiff who will restore relations between China and the Vatican."
"In order to do this, he is ready to make a few concessions: say nothing about Hong Kong, do not get too excited when the Chinese leader talks about rewriting the Bible," he added, in reference to announcements that the CCP intends to retranslate the Bible and other sacred texts to make them conform to socialist ideology.
According to Mikozy, the pope's silence on Hong Kong suggests that he will go to great lengths not to offend the CCP.
Pope Francis keeps silence also in connection with China's infiltration to Indian Territory. The move by China has created a war-like situation between the two countries. Many influential countries have declared their stand on Indo-China issue, but Pope Francis who prayed for peace during conflicts in Syria, the Middle East and African countries, so far keeps silence.
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